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Pick Up Time: 07:30 AM
Day: Thursday
Dives: 3
Price: 3,400 THB
Non-Diver Price: 2,000 THB

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3 rewarding dives in the Phuket Marine Park!

  • The King Cruiser Wreck, a 85 m catamaran passenger ferry. Sunken on the 4th. of May 1997. Depths between 12 and 30 meters making the King Cruiser an ideal wreck dive site for all divers.
  • Shark Point, a small rock outcropping about 1½ hrs East of Phuket, is a famous marine sanctuary due to its tremendous variety of marine life.
  • Koh Doc Mai, this small, jungle topped island lies halfway between Shark Point and Phuket. It provides some of the best wall diving in the area.

Location: King Cruiser

  • Distance: 33 km (18 Miles)
  • Boat Trip: 1,5 Hour / Speedboat 45mins
  • Depth: 12-30 Meters (40-100 ft)
  • Visibility: Fair to good
  • Currents: Fair to moderate
  • Type of Dive: Wreck Dive

Ideal for Nitrox, Multi Level, UW Photography, Naturalist, Deep Diver


Built in Japan 30 years ago, King Cruiser was a comfortable catamaran-hull passenger-cruiser with 4 decks until she sank on the 4th May 1997 by straying several miles off course and hitting the Anemone Reef in near perfect weather conditions. With a huge hole ripped in her hull the ship went down in less than an hour. The absolutely ideal weather conditions at the time of the accident no doubt greatly aided the rescue efforts and fortunately the several hundred passengers and crew on board at the time all managed to escape to safety. An easy pe, King Cruiser has large openings that allow easy access to the spacious interior. With its multiple decks and spacious open areas the King Cruiser wreck is providing sheltered living quarters for large numbers of fish and crabs. The propellers (deepest point) rest 30 meters deep with the most interesting areas around the passenger decks between 10 and 20 meters.

Location 2: Shark Point

Shark Point - Phuket Day Trip Dive Site
•    Distance: 29 km (16 Miles) (from Phuket)
•    Boat Trip: 1,5 Hour
•    Depth: 6-24 Meters (20-80 ft)
•    Visibility: Fair to excellent
•    Currents: moderate
•    Type of Dive: Soft Coral/ 3 main Pinnacles
Ideal for: Nitrox, Multi Level, UW Photography, Naturalist, Deep Diver, AWARE Fish Identification, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Boat, Drift  
Shark Point is made up of principally three submerged mounts/pinnacles. The main pinnacles run from north to south, with the northern most breaking the surface by a couple of meter, this pinnacle has a northern shipping cardinal to warn vessels of the underwater obstruction.
The marine life on this site is abundant, divers are virtually guaranteed to swim amongst enormous schools of Great Barracuda, Five-lined Snappers, Gold-striped Fusiliers and the occasional Leopard Shark resting quietly on the seabed (which is why the site is called Shark Point). The currents can be brisk, which is why you can find not just hard corals like stag horn or lettuce, but also soft corals on this site like gorgonian sea fans. Shark Point has always something of interest to see, which is why it is one of the most popular day trip dive sites to visit from Phuket Island.

Location 3: Koh Dok Mai

  • Distance: 18 km (10 Miles)
  • Boat Trip: 1 Hour
  • Depth: 5-28 Meters (15-91 ft)
  • Visibility: Fair to excellent
  • Currents: moderate, there is always a sheltered side.
  • Type of Dive: Wall dive, caverns
Ideal for Nitrox, Multi Level, UW Photography, Naturalist


This small, jungle topped island is located on the way to Shark Point from Phuket and is considered one of the best wall dives in the area. Doc Mai is a huge limestone rock that rises steeply out of the sea.On three sides the sheer walls occupied with a different creature in every nook and cranny drop straight down to the sea floor. The west side is a gently sloping hard coral reef with an abundance of colorful sea life decorating its underwater cliffs. This dive is noted for its variety of reef fish and an opportunity to view some of the resident Moray Eels. The east-side of the island is a virtual garden of yellow tube corals and you can explore some of the small caves along the base of the wall.

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